Safety Protocols & Clinical Processes

We have implemented new safety protocols and clinical processes to keep everyone safe

Serving Our Patients Before, During and After COVID-19

During the height of the pandemic, our clinics and pharmacies remained opened to serve our communities via virtual phone and video visits as well as in clinic visits for those needing immediate care with enhanced safety measures. Thanks to the efforts of all our fellow community members and neighbours by staying home and effectively controlling the spread of the virus, our clinics and pharmacies will continue to expand our services to meet the needs of our communities with continued safety measures.

How we are keeping our patients safe

Guided by Alberta Health Services and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada, we have taken a number of steps outlined in our Safety Protocols & Clinical Processes below in addition to our standard rigorous infection control measures to ensure our facilities remain safe places for you to confidently receive care.

You can be confident that you will receive safe, high-quality, compassionate care from your ConnectCare team!

What to expect when attending our facility

COVID-19 Screening Questions will be asked

All in-clinic visitors are triaged before entering the facility and are asked screening questions during booking, confirmation and check in.

Staff will be wearing protective clothing

All staff receive safety training and will be wearing protective (PPE) clothing as required

Requests for all visitors

  • Face Coverings are now mandatory – Please ensure your face covering is on BEFORE entering our facilities
  • Face Coverings must stay on throughout the entire duration of your stay including inside treatment rooms, washrooms, hallways and waiting areas
  • Please enter the facility at the time of your appointment
  • Please attend your visit alone (when possible)

How to expedite your COVID-19 Screening

Print and complete your COVID-19 Screening Form at home to expedite entry into our facility.

Download COVID-19 Screening Form

Please note:

If you fail COVID-19 Screening, our team can continue to support you by phone. In the meantime, we ask that you go home to self-isolate and contact 811 for further instructions. We will document your screening details in your patient records and will ensure that your physician and/or your pharmacist will contact you to follow up.

Safety Protocols & Clinical Processes

In-Person Appointments & Procedures

For some of our patients, safety means being seen in-person or scheduled for a procedure as quickly as possible. Our commitment to you is to provide the care you need, when you need it, as safely and conveniently as possible. Each patient’s individual circumstances will be evaluated by their provider to determine how soon that patient should return for in-person care or a scheduled procedure, or if their care needs could be handled through phone visits.

Face Coverings are now mandatory for all Patients & Visitors
  • Please ensure your Face Covering is on BEFORE entering the facility
  • This is for the safety of all our patients and staff especially for patients vulnerable to COVID-19
  • Face Coverings must stay on throughout the entire duration of your stay including inside treatment rooms, washrooms, hallways and waiting areas
  • Please ensure to dispose of your used face masks safely
  • Thank you for your support in helping to keep everyone safe!
Restricting Visitors

Our temporary visitor policy restricts visitors to reduce the number of people in our facilities and, therefore, the risk of exposure between patients, visitors and staff.

Protective Personal Equipment (PPE)

Our clinic and pharmacy personnel all strictly comply with the appropriate PPE standards, in which you will see those who are providing you care will be wearing masks, gloves, protective eyewear, and gowns as required (the protective equipment is worn based on the amount of interaction required with the patient). Staff are also screened for COVID-19 symptoms each day.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is available at each entrance and at numerous locations throughout each building. Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands when they enter the building. In addition, each member of our health care staff sanitizes their hands before and after each patient encounter.

Screening & Triage

We screen all patients and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms at several different points: 

  • During your phone call with your physician or pharmacist
  • At the time of booking and confirming your in-person visit (clinics only)
  • At Triage (upon entry of the building), you will be required to complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and sign, and we will also check your Temperature. (all visitors and patients)
Cleaning, Reorganization & Check-In
  • Common Areas: Areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies and restrooms are cleaned daily with special attention to frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, armrests and handrails.
  • Exam Rooms: These are fully cleaned and disinfected after each patient use.
  • Floor Markings and Furniture Rearrangement: We have made special arrangements to support physical distancing. You may see markers on the floors to show where people should stand for check-in and check-out. We have rearranged furniture in some waiting areas to create more space between patients, and are scheduling appointments to ensure that fewer people are in our clinics at any given time.