Diabetic Foot Exams

At ConnectCare, we believe prevention is key to maintaining good health. Our goal is to help patients with diabetes prevent complications that can arise by performing regular checkups and education, with our diabetic foot exam program.

Q. What is a Diabetic Foot Exam?

  • A Diabetic Foot Exam includes risk factor identification, foot care education, sensation testing and a physical exam
  • During the physical exam, a trained nurse will look for high pressure areas, decreased sensation, skin changes and more
  • Our ConnectCare Diabetic Foot Clinic physician will be able to identify areas of concern, such as ulcers and calluses you may not be aware of due to decreased sensation

Q. Why are regular Diabetic Foot Exams so important?

  • Regular foot care and assessments are necessary to monitor and maintain the health of your feet
  • It is an opportunity for preventive measures to avoid any complications
  • Complications from Diabetes can be life-altering if the care of your feet is not maintained
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputation
  • Did you know that 70% of Canadian adults who receive a non-traumatic lower leg amputation will be caused from Diabetic Complications? (Diabetes Canada)

Q. How often do I need a Diabetic Foot Exam?

  • Diabetic Foot Exams should be completed annually
  • If you have more risk factors you may be asked to complete an exam every 6 months
  • Did you know it is important to do daily foot checks at home in between your appointments? If you notice anything of concern, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and book an appointment with your family doctor for immediate attention

Q. How do I get started?

  • Diabetic patients of ConnectCare Medical Clinic are normally seen at least once every 3 months
  • At least once a year, your ConnectCare Family Doctor will refer you to our ConnectCare Diabetic Foot Clinic for your foot exam
  • If you are not yet a patient of ConnectCare Medical Clinic, click here to book an appointment at a clinic near you

Do you suffer from 2 or more complex health needs including Diabetes? You may be eligible for Alberta Health & Wellness’s Annual Complex Care Checkup program. Click here to learn more