Dukoral Vaccination

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Dukoral Vaccination: Protection against ETEC (Traveller’s Diarrhea)
Who Dukoral is suitable for most adults, and may be prescribed to children as young as 2 years old.
What Dukoral is the only oral vaccine available that provides you with protection against diarrhea caused by heat-labile toxin producing enterotoxigenic E. coli (LT-producing ETEC).
When Use Dukoral before you go on your trip. It does not help treat diarrhea when it happens. Talk with a ConnectCare Pharmacist to learn more about Dukoral.
How Dukoral is a 2-dose drinkable vaccine taken 1 to 6 weeks apart or as a single booster dose if you have taken Dukoral within the last 5 years. Should be taken no later than 2 weeks before travel.
Coverage May be covered by private insurance.