Stop FLU it’s up to you! Get Protected!

Get protected with an Influenza and Pneumovax Vaccination today! Both are covered by AHS & FREE at ConnectCare Pharmacy. Speak to a ConnectCare Pharmacist today!

Who Everyone 5 years of age & older*
What The Influenza Vaccination is the single best way to protect yourself against the flu which can cause serious complications and prolonged symptoms.
When* As early as possible before you get sick and you need to be immunized every year. *Influenza Vaccination is available from October 21st, 2019 contact us to learn more!
  *Ages 5-9 yrs – vaccine will be administered based on Pharmacist assessment + discretion.
Who 65 years of age and older
What Protects you against Pneumococcal Infections that can cause serious complications, infections in the blood, lungs, brain and spinal cord.
When When you turn 65 or older, speak with our Pharmacist for details.